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Wow. I Made a Difference

I haven’t posted much of anything lately — I meant to log some of my homework efforts, but I’m not much of a writer. However, there is something that impressed me very much last week. Instead of trying to disguise the whole matter so as not to give away true identities, I’ll just spit everything as it is. Note that it is not a means to apologize for my previous words and both viewpoints are entirely true, though at a different moment in time.

The semester is about to end, and Algorithm Design had been on an ascending slope. The lecturer (I hope I’m right in the translation) had asked for feedback three times and had actually read it. Of course, there hadn’t been earth-shattering changes, but what he could change from one week to another, he did when someone suggested. After the final lecture, he called me by name and asked me to stay a moment; the whole name thing was surprising, but what happened afterwards was even more amazing. It appears he had read my blog and the (short, but far from positive) review I’d given his class and thanked me for the impulse he found in it.

I was speechless. Not because of fear, as one would easily have implied from my constipated face, but because I actually made a difference. Someone had actually changed something in that school and I had the small merit of having said things out in the open (although I quite frankly never expected any of my professors to read my random ramblings). It is an awesome encouragment, and it came at the right time — I was beginning to think that students couldn’t change anything, at least not without resolving to extreme solutions (strike or whatever). This proves that change can happen in an amiable manner, from the inside, without any sort or rupture between the groups or individuals involved.

I’m still chewing on what happened, and I will study hard for the Algorithm Design exam. I shouldn’t expect someone else to take their job (i.e. teaching) seriously, if I don’t take mine (i.e. studying).


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