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World of USO — The Chronicles. Volume 1

World of USO ended this week, and all culminated today, with a well-organised ceremony for awarding the prizes. The attendance was poor (the organisers and the contest winners), but I couldn’t have felt more at home; the geek per square meter concentration was through the roof. After a brief bit of roleplaying and short speeches from the original proponents (both currently involved in teaching USO — Usage of Operating Systems), most of the dev-team went for a drink; celebration was short but fun. Of course, those of us who felt they had nothing better to do stayed on a bit longer.

A bit of extra info on World of USO: It is the first major success of Rosedu, a browser game which involved competing with others in answering questions about the USO class. It also featured a Quest mode, which was more about ingenious solutions and googling skills. Three special quests were also launched, the last of which was quite brain-twisting — only two people solved it.

Read the gritty details (in Romanian) on the blogs of Alex and Mihai or check the pictures at the album.


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