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Up to Speed

Things have been busy lately and I haven’t really been in the mood to blog. A quick recap of what I can remember:

  • wrote a small part of World of USO (in Romanian, not open to the public). This was awesome — using C and flex to parse some data and then update a MySQL table. World of USO is educational software integrated with Moodle, but it’s really very closely linked to the “Usage of Operating Systems” course I had last year (approximate translation).
  • got my driver’s license. Hate every single moment while driving. Luckily I don’t own or need a car.
  • school started. Electronics is a pain, but otherwise things are all interesting. Assembly, Java, algorithm analysis, systems theory and electronics pretty much sums it up. Philosophy is the odd one and it’s nothing like it should be.
  • helped Răzvan with organising ACM 2007 Easter Europe contest. Things were insane — interesting people and new challenges.
  • trying to learn Haskell. It’s above all other programming languages I’ve seen. Simple, but far from easy.
  • starting Hammerfall (working title, partly Romanian, might not be online at the time of this writing). It’s an attempt for a graphic engine based on OpenGL; after finishing it, we pan a game. Things are now very uncertain — we don’t even know what language we will use.
  • almost forgot: cspay is fully working; a lot of work from Lucian got us spitting out xls files. Sure, it probably still has bugs, but things are pretty much on track with cspay.
  • Rosedu is getting things moving — freshmen joining, new project ideas, a facelift for the website, new forums, Planet Rosedu. The latter is an awesome idea. Be warned that most of the content on Rosedu is in Romanian and we intend to keep it that — only the software will (hopefully) be in English. Rosedu is education-, FLOSS-, and Romania-oriented. The latter speaks for itself.

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Silly Blog Thingy

So I got tagged by Andu. I’m supposed to write 5 songs which will never leave my playlist. Quite hard, but here gues (I’m not going to link YouTube videos — got better things to do):

  • Judas Priest — Lochness
  • Judas Priest — Painkiller
  • Black Sabbath — Fairies Wear Boots
  • Black Sabbath — Iron Man
  • Ozzy Osbourne — Crazy Train

I’m supposed to spread the disease, so here it goes: Roxi, AleCS, and Mihai.

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