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Oh, the irony…

A new high has been reached in Vista idiocy. After a 4 minute phone call which *I* will pay for (800 number won’t work), I finally re-activated my copy. I had upgraded the BIOS, which made Vista all jumpy about my switching processors (which I didn’t).

But the real reason I am posting is that out of the sudden, I don’t remember when, Explorer stopped allowing me to select multiple files. This persisted until today, when I finally got fed up. Microshaft has a solution [1], but (hold on) /it doesn’t work/!! Honestly, imagine my utter frustration. I even used two exclamation marks at the end of the previous sentence. Apparently (quoting from [1]), “This problem occurs because certain applications add a key to the registry. The key prevents you from selecting multiple items in Windows Explorer.” Way to go — notice no mention that these programs are in any way malicious (and I am sure they are not); thus, Microsoft screwed up again, and in such a dumb way they did.

A little more surfing around took me to [2], which has a link to [3]. A Visual Basic script (ugh) that automatically deletes the register keys. Probably the best use I have ever seen for Visual Basic.

Overall, the problem is probably not hard to fix, but it does make me wonder how anyone could screw up so bad. This post somewhat contradicts my policy not to blindly bash Microsoft, but I think I actually had a reason this time. I’ll give you this, though, the graphical interface is slick, but not distracting (I found Beryl terribly unproductive).



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