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Yes, it can get even more retarded

So I bought a new computer, installed Vista (legally) on in, and, after a few days of playing games, I decided to go back to Gentoo. Install went fine mostly, but then I got to the real creamy part about dual-booting Linux and Windows Vista.

Much to my surprise, and yours I am sure, M$ found yet another way of being retarded about OS design. Vista installs its bootloader *on a separate partition*, without letting you know. So, when I configured grub to boot vista off the partition I had installed it to, it was a no-go. A little googling around sorted the problem, but still… this makes you wonder, what’ll they think of next? And what’s more: is this on purpose or is someone really stupid enough to forget to specifically notify people of the change? I bet it’s the former.

Don’t get me wrong, I usually set up a separate /boot parition, but Windows Vista used the other NTFS partition, which I had created for storage. I am now seriously thinking of switching the vista bootloader to the partition on which the OS is installed, to be rid of this irregularity.


July 6, 2007 Posted by | linux, vista | 4 Comments