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First functional variant of libspreadconv

I took advantage of the upcoming exam in Data Structures (I didn’t study for this one) to get some work done on my part of cspay. Libspreadconv is the part that converts a data structure (which I have defined) into an ods spreadsheet. The current implementation is incomplete (even the final version will be incomplete, but this is a subset of the subset) and probably extremely buggy — I can’t read valgrind output, but it does say that a lot of bytes have been lost and this can’t be good. I’m starting to have second thoughts about the way I’ve implemented certain things, so I should probably change them while the library is still not used by anyone. I also want to learn a bit of valgrind and clean up things. Bottom line: the current version is sloppy, slow, buggy and incomplete, but it was quite amazing to run the output through a validator, see it turned out ok, then to actually witness display what I intended.

A large part of the code I wrote is actually comments, but I like the way Doxygen spat them out. Right now, however, I have a (repeating myself) small, sloppy library with few routines and clumsy comments. But it’s a start. I think.

I’ve also been playing a game these days — the Romanian equivalent of TribalWars[1]. Sure it’s silly and time-consuming, but right now I _have_ time. When things change (or the game gets harder), I’ll probably quit, like I did with Utopia and the Blue Gecko games.



June 20, 2007 - Posted by | cspay, games, rosedu |

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