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Common Lisp

Instead of studying for exams and the like (of which I seem to have quite a lot), I found Practical Common Lisp [1] and decided to read at least part of it. This is similar to having read part of Advanced Python Programming last year before the exams. This apparent lack of concentration is actually a shift in focus to a language with a whole new discipline and approach. C still remains the language with which I have most in common, but functional programming is worth knowing, therefore I am planning a Lisp, Scheme and Haskell frenzy this summer.

I am also interested (but alas lack the time) in User Mode Linux. This will hopefully give me the opportunity to practice compiling the kernel, modifying it, and also “playing network” with multiple computers, complete with firewalls, NAT and the works.



May 29, 2007 - Posted by | functional programming, linux

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