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Subversion troubles

Because cspay planning is advancing steadily (or so it seems to me), Razvan installed Subversion. It proved to be quite tricky though. It’s probably a security measure, but a “plain” Subversion repository (in that just a plain svn create was run) cannot handle multiple users. So we spent about two days experimenting with it, until Razvan finally set the right permissions for the folder (his time is even more limited than ours, obviously). I wrote a quick post-commit email notify bash script (wow, suprisingly, I could do that); all that remains right now is to actually start coding; I should write the base for libspreadconv, the bottom library which creates an OpenOffice XML spreadsheet from a generic structure (which should be decided upon). There is a lot of reading to be done, and quite little time, with late mid-terms and all.

Exciting, yes. Tiresome, you bet.


May 10, 2007 - Posted by | cspay, rosedu |

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