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Further planning

We now have a name for the previously-unnamed-project — cspay. I prefer not to capitalize it, although some of my friends write it as CSpay or CSPay. The meeting today was fruitful and quite fun, with delightfully opposing opinions between the C guys (me, Razvan and Luci) and PHP folks (Alex and Mihai). Roxi and Andrei (andrew, whatever…) took a strategically quiet position, probably snickering at our endless quarrels. However, had we agreed on things from the start, it would surely have been a wrong design; hence the long discussion about the inner workings of our project were beneficial, or so I like to believe.

I got the task of designing a structure that represents a spreadsheet, and then writing the lowest of the libraries, converting that structure to an XML file. Not a particularly challenging task, algorithmically speaking, but interesting nevertheless. After the aforementioned hour-long discussion, we settled that the PHP scripts would also read the master cinfiguration file. Thus, we will write code that does the same thing twice: in PHP and in C. I’m not quite happy about that, but the alternative was getting really complicated; not complex, but complicated. And that I want to stay away from.

Once the name had been decided, Mihai wrote a simple and suprisingly functional IMO sketch, and Razvan quickly provided the space for it and a development wiki. Things are getting going, with most of the initial setup in place, save for a RCS. But we haven’t written any code yet (and will not do so at least for another week probably), so that is a non-issue.

We found an ini parser for C, there is a link for one in PHP on the wiki, so we are looking towards simple ini file for the configuration. We also found xmlindent, which is unmaintained (apparently died at 0.2.17 a couple of years ago), but functional and useful; we are thinking of adopting or perhaps forking the project as a side-task, maybe on the long run.

Things are exciting, and I hope they will stay that way — I am close to the usual “screw it all” phase of any project I start working on, but hopefully everyone will motivate each other.


April 25, 2007 - Posted by | cspay, rosedu |

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  1. Multa bafta in continuare.Cu totii ati fost cam secretosi in legatura cu proiectul asta :-) sper sa va iasa lucrurile asa cum doriti.

    :)>- pace!

    Comment by Alex Stefanescu | April 26, 2007 | Reply

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