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The File Compress Utility — Coolest So Far

So I helped RobyC and D00kie with their Shannon-Fano algorithm implementation this past week and it was by far the most interesting thing I have ever programmed. Only two days for the initial program in C, two more for a basic C# port and another day and a half for a Visual C++ port. The latter ended up very messy, with unmanaged C code that was being called from a .NET interface. Again, the productivity vim and Ion3 offered me was no match even for the awesome IntelliSense (as much as I disapprove of Microsoft, Visual C# is just too darn easy and fun to use).

Most problems with the inital C code were based, as usual, on lack of attention in writing code, although the printf debugger (tm afaik) helped me do away with them quickly. I also got in trouble by forgetting about endianness — I spent at least half an hour looking at a hex dump and cursing because bytes were ordered differently in words. I was plain stupid at that time. But overall, the satisfaction of “diff infile outfile” returning nothing on a 80+MiB tarball was unique thus far. I was especially impressed at my apparent skill with pointers. Maybe the classes help, too.


March 20, 2007 - Posted by | programming

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