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Google SoC and Plan9

I noticed Summer of Code applications are open and am planning to jump on the opportunity. This year I am finally both elligible and, to a great degree, free for most of the summer. Although coding starts a month before I finish school, I am confident that I can handle both tasks. The downside will be that I can’t really be away for weeks at a time, as I had planned.

However, I made up my mind. If I am accepted, I will take part. The money involved is not by far negligible, but it is secondary to other prospects such as actually contributing to open source and learning a great deal in the process. I have become quite immersed in Plan 9 and am reading a lot in order to formulate a competitive application for a bug-tracking system (seen as a fs, of course), but I suspect getting accepted is quite hard, although folks on IRC are more than helpful and optimistic.

Between a kernel that doesn’t properly support my motherboard and strange VmWare issues, I finally got Plan9 working. I am thrilled at the new ideas it brings forth, but a bit disappointed and often annoyed at the heavy use of the mouse. Habits and lack of space make me want to just get my hand off it asap, but I will be as patient as it takes. Especially because I am quite pressured: deadlie for applications is Saturday, but I plan on submitting a draft to the Google group by Thursday evening.

It’s off to my fresh Plan9 install then, as well as the very long, but equally interesting documents.


March 20, 2007 - Posted by | google, plan9

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