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I am so damn happy with Ion3, but I browsed recent emails on the mailing list recently and it looks like the maintainer is acting like a jerk. However, it was worth reading, because a post lead me to dwm.

dwm stands for Dynamic Window Manager and is written only in C (no scripting of any kind — not sure I like that though). Configuration is made before compilation, via C preprocessor directives; I am not quite sure as to whether this presents any advantage. Anyway, the attitude on the website stinks of 1337 from a mile on, so I thought I should give it a shot — maybe it actually is as good as they advertise it, though I seriously doubt it. My first thought of it was that it had ignorantly few keystrokes defined, compared to Ion3, which is also minimalism embodied. I’ll update my description if I find time to play with dwm, which I should this weekend.

I also came across TinyWM, which is only 58 lines of C code, though probably not usable. An interesting exercise though.

I’m tired as hell from school and Priest’s Revolution is abusing my eardrums. I love Fridays.


March 9, 2007 - Posted by | linux

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