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Fidling around with SPICE

My roumored-to-be-impossible-to-pass Electrical Engineering course uses SPICE for lab applications. It was quite easy to install, just a simple, stable emerge, but running spice in the command line has proved much more difficult that I had expected. Not because of the awkward interface (which is quite awkward, by the way — no basi line editing), but because of my poor understanding of the concepts at work. I ultimately managed to get things started, although an exact example from my lab notes did not work as expected — I need to look into it tomorrow or something.

While it’s not going all that great, I love learning new things and this is one area which appeals to me. The course today (first one this semmester) proved to be quite boring, although I can get the entire courses off the Internet. The only problem is I have to go to class — an overcrowded, uncomfortable room, with an improvised projection device. And a grouchy teacher, but apparently my kind of guy — maybe this will change if I fail.


March 3, 2007 - Posted by | school

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